Professional Darbuka Skin



GAWHARET EL FAN Darbuka Skins:

Original Gawharet El Fan Darbuka skin made in Egypt.

Benefits of Professional Darbuka Skins

-PERFECT FIT: Thin aluminium crimped hoop assists fit on drums with a smaller inner dimension counter hoop.

-DURABLE UNDER TENSION: Crimped style drumheads add durability under extremely high tension.

As to be expected with all handmade instruments, there may be some minor variations in design, slight imperfections on the body and some small scratches on the Darbuka head. This will not affect the quality of the sound in any way. All items are new and have not been previously used. Darbukas, like most instruments, require tuning and should be played/tuned regularly for the first few weeks until the head sets fully and the true beauty of the sound starts to shine through.

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