Entry Level

Silver Entry-Level Darbuka


Bottom of Silver Entry-Level Darbuka

Made by Gawharet El Fan

Handmade by expert craftsmen who have decades of experience creating fabulous instruments that are sure to draw attention to your playing with their timeless beauty. Our manufacturers are the world-renown Darbuka makers based in Cairo, Gawharet El Fan.

Middle Section of Silver Entry-Level Darbuka

Silver finished outer shell

The Silver Entry-Level Darbuka uses a standard aluminium shell with a silver metal finish. 

Inside of Silver Entry-Level Darbuka/Doumbek

Silver finished inner shell

A silver metal finish is also used in the inner shell of this Darbuka to ensure an even finish throughout. 

Tuning System of Silver Entry-Level Darbuka/Doumbek

Internal tuning system

The internal tuning system allows the Darbuka to be kept in tune at all times. As it is internal, the tuning lugs are not exposed and hence do not reduce the playable section of the Darbuka by interfering with the Tek or Ka strokes.

Silver Entry-Level Darbuka/Doumbek with white Malik Instruments Head

Malik Instruments head

These fantastic Malik Instruments 22cm Darbuka heads are manufactured by PowerBeat, in Taiwan, and fitted to our Darbukas because of their fantastic sound quality.

Malik Instruments silver entry-Level Darbuka/Doumbek side view

Classic Darbuka size

This is the classic size of Darbuka that has been used for centuries past and will be used for centuries to come. It is characterised by beautifully resonant high notes and fantastically deep low notes.


3.7 kg

Head width

22 cm

Total width

28 cm


45 cm

Inner shell material


Design material

Silver paint

Head material

Plastic (with metal crimplock)

Tuning system


Tuning lugs


Country in


Crafted by 

Gawharet El Fan

As to be expected with all handmade instruments, there may be some minor variations in design, slight imperfections on the body and some small scratches on the Darbuka head. This will not affect the quality of the sound in any way. All items are new and have not been previously used. Darbukas, like most instruments, require tuning and should be played/tuned regularly for the first few weeks until the head sets fully and the true beauty of the sound starts to shine through.

Malik Instruments are proud to offer free international delivery on all Darbuka and Sombaty models. 

Orders are typically processed within 1 working day. Once the items are ready, they are shipped from our UK warehouse using the agreed shipping method. Typically, shipping takes 3-5 working days to arrive. 

Malik Instruments are not responsible for delays caused by your local customs authority, nor are we responsible for any import taxes imposed by your local customs authority. Please check with your local authority if you require further information on your local import taxes. 

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If you'd like to return an item you purchased from Malik Instruments for a full refund, you need to do so within 14 days of purchase. You will be responsible for the return postage. All of our instruments and accessories are covered under this policy, and you may return your item for any reason, subject to the exceptions found in our Refund Policy.

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