Our Team

Meet the team behind Gawharet El Fan

Our Founder

Farouk El-Sayed Lotfy | Founder

Mostafa El-Sayed Lotfy, also known as Farouk Lotfy was the original founder of Gawharet El Fan. In 1940, from his shop in Muhammad Ali Street in Cairo, Farouk Lotfy founded what was to become one of the largest Arabic Music Companies in the world. The shop, which started out as a meeting place for his band Musika Al Kamal Al Wataniya, started a side business selling musical instruments. A renowned cornet and clarinet player, Farouk Lotfy worked tirelessly to promote his brand whilst also growing his business. Farouk Lotfy eventually founded Gawharet El Fan in 1940, and passed the business down to his son Abdel-Nasser Lotfy. Farouk Lotfy passed away in 1994, and will forever be remembered as the person who transformed the Arabic Music world forever...

Instruments of choice: Cornet and Clarinet

Our Leadership

Abdel-Nasser Lotfy | Global CEO

The son of Farouk Lotfy, Abdel-Nasser Lotfy is a master of innovation and design. In the last 40 years, he has led the company from success to success. Creator of the Lotfy Process, Abdel Nasser has refined the Darbuka manufacturing process to a level that has never been seen in the world before. He has always been the leader and creator of innovative ideas in the Darbuka industry.

Instrument of choice: Arabic Oud 

Youssef Lotfy | Global COO

Youssef Lotfy is the grandson of Farouk Lotfy, the founder of Gawharet El Fan. His expertise in Management Strategy and Finance helps him to develop Gawharet El Fan. Responsible for managing the operational elements of the company, he was responsible for transforming Gawharet El Fan into a truly international company, most notably through the company’s first partnership and then merger with Malik Instruments in 2020.

Instruments of choice: Djembe/Saxophone 

Ibraheem Malik | Managing Director (Europe & North America)

Ibraheem Malik joined Gawharet El Fan in 2020 during Gawharet El Fan's merger with Malik Instruments. Ibraheem’s expertise lies in international trade and advanced process management, having worked previously with numerous global companies including HSBC and Maersk. Ibraheem moved to Gawharet El Fan from professional services giant Deloitte, where as an accountant, he managed contracts worth over hundreds of millions of dollars.

Instrument of choice: Darbuka